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Why have we made this association?

We didn’t make this association just for the sake of making one. We made it to actively help one another to explore more into the global affairs professional fraternity, in particular to help one another to find platforms to share our views through writings and videos.

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Welcome to Global Affairs Writers’ Association

Our association is aimed at gathering the writers and practitioners, who writes on various aspects of global affairs, under one banner.

Our specialty is channeling writers’ articles to publishers. When a writer submits an article to us, we submit it to those publishers who we think might be interested in publishing the piece.

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Discover how we collaborate with our members

Click bellow to find out what our members are doing in collaboration with the association.


Filipe Carreira da Silva

Focus: Brazil, Americas, Middle East, World Affairs, Politics
Filipe Carreira is Brazil-based young journalist and global affairs enthusiast.

Wycliffe Kipsang

Focus: Africa, Economy, Politics
Wycliffe Kipsang is focusing his journalism career on economic and political affairs.

Shreya Agarwal

Focus: India, Indo-Pacific, Climate Change, Politics
Shreya Agarwal is a political/geopolitical blogger and environmental activist.

Lara Issa

Focus: Lebanon, West Asia, Middle East, Economy, Politics
Growing up in a divided nation helped Lara Issa to become familiar with the ins-&-outs of Lebanon & Middle East politics, and also the region’s economy.

Simi Garewal

Focus: South Asia, Climate Change, Culture, Economy
Simi Garewal focuses her research on the cultural and economic developments of South Asia as well as on the global trend of climate change.

Ellington Ngandu

Focus: Africa, World Affairs, Economy, Politics
Analyzing the current affairs across the world, in particular the economic and political developments across Africa, is the specialty of Ellington Ngandu.

Beenish Ashraf

Focus: Human Rights, Humanitarian Crisis, Cultural Hegemony, Digital Media, Information War

Beenish Ashraf is the author of a number of articles about human rights, humanitarian crisis, cultural hegemony, digital media and information war.

Victoria Olajide

Focus: Art, Faith, Culture, Travel, Nationalism, Africa
Victoria Olajide is a poet, litterateur and editor. She is the author of a number of featured books and magazine articles. She enjoys conversations on art, faith, culture, travel, nationalism and African writing. She is also the founder of the TVO TRIBE writers’ community (@thevictoriao_com).

Publishers and Writers may contact us using the contact-form bellow.


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